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Information portal Mortrans.info created as an independent discussion platform for marine risk management experts from international companies.

Mortrans.info publishes the latest news from the shipping industry, analytical articles, and expert commentaries related to the maritime industry with an aim to prevent environmental disasters by drawing attention to accident rates in maritime transport and to raise awareness of maritime safety and security.

Mortrans.info is the only Russian-language independent news agency, dedicated to marine shipping risks and threats, that does not strive to influence the market and free competition and do not use the portal in private commercial organization's interests.

Our platform is designed to cut the “information vacuum” in the field of shipping, safety, and security in the maritime industry in general, collect the available scattered information bit by bit and combine it in one project. Our portal covers and discusses major accidents in maritime transport, including cases of environmental pollution, as well as possible solutions to pressing safety-problems in marine and river transport.

Mortrans.info staff carefully selects materials from respectable foreign and Russian sources useful for marine experts who are professionally involved in the risk assessment and risk management of ships and offshore industrial facilities.

The main advantage of the project is an integrated approach to the problems i.e. analysis of the current state of maritime affairs in Russia and abroad, provides expert opinions and explanations based on requirements and recommendations of authoritative organizations within the marine legislative framework and best marine practices.

In addition to news and articles, we post useful information for the professional community such as new international rules and regulations and other relevant materials. Registered users have access to such additional services as an interactive bulletin board, advanced analytical reports, and international research publications.

Mortrans.info invites independent industry experts, environmentalists, government officials, oil companies, sea freight carriers, as well as everyone who genially cares for maritime safety and security for collaboration.

Editorial Mortrans.info

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